Memphis Coffee Shop Rounds

Memphis Coffee Shop Rounds

In my first few weeks back in Memphis, I’ve been scouting out local coffee shops. Thanks to recommendations from my Facebook friends, I’ve compiled a list of places, including: City & State, Cafe Keough, Otherlands, Bluff City Coffee, French Truck, Tamp & Tap, Muddy’s (Midtown location), and Avenue Coffee.

So far, I’ve been able to check out these spots, described below from least to most favorite.

Bluff City Coffee (Midtown location)

945 Cooper Street
Memphis, TN 38111

I hear the downtown location is better but for me, it’s not necessarily just the space that makes Bluff City Coffee (Midtown) my least favorite. The coffee is okay. I should say fine. The coffee is perfectly fine. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the coffee. I had a perfectly fine latte with beautiful latte art (even though I ordered a cortado). It’s the baked goods that make Bluff City Coffee my least favorite coffee shop for this round. I’m not sure what’s going on with the baked goods’ recipe or ingredients but everything I’ve had there is dry.

Quiche and latte from Bluff City Coffee in Memphis, TN

City & State

2625 Broad Avenue
Memphis, TN 38112

I love City & State‘s ambiance and the coffee is very good. Plus, how cute are all the items for sale?! T-shirts, cards, pins, wall art, and so many yummy smelling essential oils and perfumes. The only downside, for me, is the chair to table height ratio. It is such that you will have to stare almost straight down at your computer. It may seem like a small thing but if you’re trying to get a serious amount of work in, you might not be comfortable. For a meeting place though, I think it’s perfect. I still highly encourage folks to check it out if you haven’t already. I will definitely be back.

Latte from City and State in Memphis, TN

French Truck Coffee (Crosstown Concourse)

1350 Concourse Avenue #167
Memphis, TN 38104

Finally, a proper pour over! Memphis is pretty pour over deficient so of the small handful of places that even serve them, French Truck is my preferred place (so far anyways). In addition to the pour over, their drip coffee is very strong. Another plus. I also like French Truck Coffee’s food offerings – pimento cheese toast anyone? And it’s in Crosstown Concourse which means plenty of free parking and lots of other places to check out if you need a break. The downside is the lack of outlets. You’ll definitely want to make sure your computer is charged all the way up before settling in.

Muddy’s Bake Shop & Coffee

585 Cooper Street
Memphis, TN 38104

My number one coffee shop for this round is Muddy’s Bake Shop & Coffee. This is by far my favorite. First, the space is so warm and inviting. It’s like sitting in your favorite grandma’s living room (or what you wish your grandma’s living room was like). Second, the coffee is very good – I’ve been on a Cafe Con Miel kick lately but the Zingerman’s drip coffee is also great (and I do love Zingerman’s).

Cafe con miel and onion quiche from Muddy's Bake Shop and Coffee in Memphis, TN

Finally, the icing on top (no pun intended) is the cases of baked goods. Hello, cupcakes! But also, pies, quiche, scones, and cookies. The onion quiche is to die for as are the strawberry cupcakes (my absolute favorite)! A close second are the lemon pistachio butter cookies. Anytime they’re in the case, I have to have one… or two!

Cupcake case at Muddy's Bake Shop and Coffee in Memphis, TN

I come to Muddy’s so much that I jokingly refer to it as my “office.” But seriously, I think it has it all – good coffee, yummy treats, adequate outlets, happy ambiance, and friendly service.

Cafe con miel and lemon pistachio cookie from Muddy's Bake Shop and Coffee in Memphis, TN


What’s your favorite Memphis coffee shop? Let me know where I should check out on my next round!