Mosa Asian Bistro

Mosa Asian Bistro

You should know upfront that Mosa Asian Bistro is one of my favorite Memphis restaurants. When I first moved to Maryland I was on the search for panang curry that rivalled Mosa’s and let me tell you, there is none. So you can imagine how thrilled I am to be back home where the incomparable panang curry is.

I just happened to be on Facebook and saw Mosa Asian Bistro’s post about being the next location for Jennifer Biggs’ bi-weekly luncheon. For only $20 there would be a whole feast of Mosa favorites. How could I not attend? I RSVP’d right in time as the event quickly filled.

Last Friday I joined about 60 other lunch goers for a family-style meal at Mosa Asian Bistro. The menu for this event had my favorite panang curry as well as some new favorites.

With my faux-vegetarianism in full effect, I sampled the Yuan Bao soup – y’all it’s chicken and even though I am typically super anti-chicken, I did try the soup. It was good, but the Hot & Sour soup remains my all-time favorite. Let me clarify – Mosa’s Hot & Sour Soup is my favorite Hot & Sour soup out of all the Hot & Sour soups I’ve ever had around the U.S. It really is that good.

Yuan bao soup from Mosa Asian Bistro in Memphis

The other starters – Spring Rolls and Crab Cheese Wontons – were also yummy. The Spring Rolls have chicken in them as well, which I kinda ate around, but in general were very tasty. And, who doesn’t like Crab Cheese Wontons?!

Next came the entrées. The Beef Sliders were amazing! Seriously, they were so good – the beef was tender and well marinated and the sauce was full of flavor. The slaw helped cut the sweetness of the sauce and the challah bun from Rickie’s Cookie Corner & Bakery took the slider to an entirely different level.

Beef slider from Mosa Asian Bistro in Memphis

Eddie’s Favorite Noodles were also quite delicious. I can totally see myself ordering this with tofu or shrimp. The noodles have a similar flavor profile to lo mein but without the thicker lo mein noodles.

The final entrée was the panang curry with salmon. It was as good as ever, and even though I did enjoy the salmon, I have to tell you that the panang grouper is the best. So when you go to Mosa, that’s the type of panang you want to get – lightly breaded and fried grouper in Mosa’s house-made panang sauce. It literally melts in your mouth and with the spicy yet sweet panang sauce it is divine.

Salmon panang curry from Mosa Asian Bistro in Memphis

The star of the meal though was Mrs. Pao’s strawberry chiffon cake. In general, strawberry cake is one of my faves, but this cake was heavenly. The cake was both full of strawberry flavor (and strawberries) but also light. The icing was unbelievably light as well, creamy, and with a hint of chocolate. The flavor and texture combination was perfection. Sadly, there’s no picture to share because I immediately devoured the cake.

I cannot think of a better way to spend a Friday afternoon than having all of the delicious things from Mosa Asian Bistro. I also got a chance to catch up with some old friends from my WendyEats blogging days as well as meet some new folks.


Mosa Asian Bistro
850 White Station
Memphis, TN 38117
(901) 683-8889
*closed on Mondays