Martin & Santos

Martin & Santos

For my last meal on Isla Holbox, I wanted langosta empanadas but alas the restaurant was closed or perhaps on island time but my hunger was not! We had to find a suitable substitute fast, and after our merlotta incident Mia wanted real wine with our meal. I just wanted something delicious. It happened that we wandered by Martin & Santos which, from a quick browse of their menu, seemed to satisfy both of our desires.

A wine menu and dinner menu lay open on a wooden table atop a sandy road.

Stepping into Martin & Santos felt like entering into another dimension of our already delicious island vacay. The decor was clean and sleek, while the open kitchen gave us the perfect view of what would surely be our tasty entrees. The tall tops at the back of the restaurant sat underneath the open sky with sand underfoot, bringing a piece of the island vibes inside.

Natural light cascades inside a sleek, modern restaurant. Paintings of jockeys and horses are along one wall. Tables are set with white cloth napkins, wine glasses, and silverware. Live plants serve as additional decor.
A tall top table with seating for six sits atop sand. It is apparent that this table is underneath the open sky.

We started with a delicious glass of Malbec and continued to narrow down our entree selections. I was torn between a delicious sounding eggplant or steak. Since I rarely eat steak, I decided that should be my final vacay meal. 

A glass of malbec and a tray of toast and some sort of spread are atop a white marble table.

The presentation was stunning, even the salad was gorgeous (and tasty!) Equally mesmerizing were the steaks. Mia’s chimichurri steak was definitely the shining star of our dinner. Everything was immensely flavorful and fresh.  

A bright salad with cabbage, carrots, avocado, and tomatoes sit inside a wooden bowl atop a white marble table.
Steak milanesa - thin cut flank steakl, breaded and deep fried topped with marinara and mozzarella - and a basket of fries sit atop a wooden board.
Steak, a grilled tomato, and chimichurri sauce sit atop a wooden plank.

The full view of the table with two steak entrees, salad, and Malbec.

We, of course, had to have dessert. Two decadent crepes and I had to have an espresso to accompany mine. 

In the foreground a rolled crepe with powdered sugar and walnuts sit atop a scalloped white plate. Behind the plate is a blue and white espresso cup filled with espresso. In the background is another crepe, just like the one in the foreground.

Although our original dinner plans fell through, Martin & Santos was the perfect ending to a relaxing island getaway.