Barba Negra

Barba Negra

On our island vacay, one of our must-eats was tacos. Not just any tacos though. Some overflowing, juicy, running down your arm tacos. One afternoon after soaking up more than enough sun, we walked into town and into Barba Negra. Truly I wanted one of every taco but I settled on three – garlic and smoke chili octopus, diablo style fish, and mayan style shrimp.

First page of Barba Negra's menu. A  list of about a dozen different fish, shrimp, and other seafood tacos.
The second page of Barba Negra's menu with more tacos, ceviche, and guacamole.

We each had to order our own guacamole as well as an ice cold drink – a mojito for me and horchata for Mia. 

A mojito in a mason jar glass sits atop a dark brown plank table on the patio of a restaurant.

The waitress seemed surprised that we each wanted our own guacamole but we knew our hunger level! And true to form, we both finished every delicious morsel of the freshly made guac. 

In the foreground is a large ceramic glazed plate with a beautiful mound of freshly made guacamole topped artistically with pickled onions. In the background is a basket of fresh made tortilla strips and a mojito.

Our tacos arrived and my eyes were immediately satiated. After I took my first bite, my tastebuds (and tummy) were equally gratified. Although each of the three tacos were tasty, the octopus was my absolute favorite. If we would have had more time, I would have come back to get a trio of octopus tacos (and more guac!).

In the foreground is a bright cerulean ceramic glazed plate with three different tacos on blue corn tortillas. In the background is a mojito and another plate with three tacos.
SunAh is tasting one of her tacos. From the background you can tell that she is sitting at an outdoor restaurant.

SunAh is clearly pleased with her tacos. She is holding a half eaten taco in one had. On the table in front of her is a half plate of guacamole and another plate with the two remaining tacos.