Terakawa Ramen

Terakawa Ramen

Before heading to ASA in Philadelphia earlier this month, my bf was instructed by his co-worker to check out Terakawa Ramen. (Allegedly The Best Ramen in Philly, according to said co-worker) How could we resist?

We made our way to Chinatown, which was right around the corner from the conference center and our hotel. Unfortunately, a freak power outage on the 200 block of North 9th Street meant that Terakawa was closed. I’ll admit, this made me want it even more.

The next day, after calling to confirm the power was on, we made our way back to Terakawa. The small restaurant was bustling with diners at every table and at each of the bar seats. We added our name to the list and spied on the lucky diners already enjoying their ramen. A short 15 minutes later we were seated.

A full house inside Terakawa Ramen in Philadelphia

We each pretty much ordered the same thing – Heritage Berkshire Pork bone soup ramen with roast pork, bamboo shoots, kikurage mushrooms, red ginger, chopped scallions and a seasoned boiled egg – but one with thin noodle and one with the thicker noodle.

Steaming bowls of noodles and broth taunted us with their mouth-watering aroma and in no time, piping hot bowls of ramen overtook our table.

Two delicious bowls of ramen from Terakawa Ramen in Philadelphia

Bowl of ramen of Terakawa Ramen in Philadelphia

It was absolutely amazing.

Some of the best ramen I’ve ever had. (My bf said only Ramen-san in Chicago was better).

And the roast pork. OMG it nearly melted in my mouth. That was definitely the best pork I’ve had in ramen. The flavor and texture were out of this world.

I ate my entire bowl of ramen (plus my bf’s boiled egg. Does anyone else thing the egg is one of the best parts?), it was that good. Even as I was finishing up my bowl I was already plotting our return.

The ramen was so good, I had to tell pretty much everyone I came in contact with about it. My rave reviews even persuaded one of my grad cohort friends to go there for lunch. It was his first time having ‘real’ ramen and he loved it.

If you are in Philly or find yourself there for work (or play), please check out Terakawa. It is too delicious to miss out on.


Terakawa Ramen
204 North 9th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(267) 687-1355