TTT and Buena Vida

TTT and Buena Vida

A couple weeks ago I was visiting the cohort bestie and her new baby (her baby is The Absolute Cutest Baby Ever), and we decided to grab some lunch nearby. The choice was between Tacos, Tortas and Tequila (TTT for short) and one of our longstanding favorites, Charm Thai. Since she had just finished telling me how good TTT was, it was a no-brainer.

We walked the quick few blocks to the two-story building that houses TTT on the bottom level and Buena Vida on the top. This two concept restaurant is the brain child of Ivan Iricanin, and as I would soon learn, a delicious one. We were welcomed first by a beautiful mural on one side of the building. Its bright colors were enchanting and foreshadowed the equally eye-pleasing and colorful lunch to follow.

Mural outside Buena Vida in Silver Spring

TTT has, as the name suggests, an assortment of tacos, tortas, tequilas, and other small plates. We kept it simple with an order of guacamole, a couple of tostadas, and tacos. Our favorites were the Atun tostada (ahi tuna) and the Dorado tacos (grilled mahi-mahi).

Tacos, tostadas, and guacamole from Tacos, Tortas, and Tequila in Silver Spring

Since everything was so delicious and the space was so inviting, I decided I had to dine there again before leaving the DMV. Yep, it was that good. So before watching Crazy Rich Asians (screammm!!!), the bf and I headed to Buena Vida for a pre-movie dinner. The upstairs level of Buena Vida, with its wall of windows allowing in the natural light and its wicker furniture, feels as if you’re sitting outside on a veranda. Like TTT, Buena Vida offers tacos, tortas, tequilas, but a much wider range of small plates. For $35 each, you and your dining companions can partake in unlimited small plates. I highly recommend this option.

We started with guacamole, a beet, spiced pecan, and goat cheese salad (a special for the evening), and local shrimp ceviche. We both agreed that the beet salad was the star of this round.

Beet salad from Buena Vida in Silver Spring

Shrimp ceviche from Buena Vida in Silver Spring

Next, our table was graced with duck tortilla soup, braised lamb, and sweet corn empanadas. The lamb! Some of the most flavorful and tender lamb I’ve had recently. It is an absolute must if it’s available (it was one of the specials along with the beet salad). The soup was good, don’t get me wrong, but the lamb was simply amazing. The sweet corn empanadas were also very delightful. I would get those again as well.

Duck tortilla soup from Buena Vida in Silver Spring

Lamb from Buena Vida in Silver Spring

Sweet corn empanadas from Buena Vida in Silver Spring

Finally, it was time for tacos. We ordered the crispy shrimp, ribeye carne asada, and Atlantic skate. They were all pretty good and with some added guacamole even tastier. (I still think the mahi mahi taco was the best.) We also ordered the potato and cheese flautas (very good!) and the sweet potato tostones (more baked potato than fried potato).

Tacos from Buena Vida in Silver Spring

By this point we were more than satisfied, so we grabbed the check and walked over to the movie theatre. Whether you are having lunch with a friend, dinner with your partner, or need a new brunch location (yes, they serve brunch!), I highly recommend you visit Tacos, Tortas and Tequila and Buena Vida.


Tacos, Tortas and Tequila and Buena Vida
8407 Ramsey Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910
(301) 755-6132