Heavenly Created Desserts

Heavenly Created Desserts

A couple weekends a month you can find Heavenly Created Desserts at the Greenbelt Farmers Market. That is where I first experienced these delicious cupcakes. I’ve probably had at least a dozen of the flavors, and the absolute best is the Nutter Butter. So if you are lucky enough to see them in the case, please be sure to buy several. My other favorites are mocha and New Orleans Wedding Cake. Of course, you can never go wrong with an Oreo cupcake.

Aside from cupcakes, Heavenly Created Desserts also offers pies, scones, and cobblers. The cupcakes are so good that I’ve never been able to venture out to the other baked goods, but I’m sure they’re just as delicious.

When it came time to decide on a celebratory dessert for my graduation party, I knew that Heavenly Created Desserts would be on the list. Three dozen cupcakes in my favorite flavors, with the exception of Nutter Butter *insert sad face*, greeted my party guests. Of course, you know I had to have more than one.

Wendy Marie with an Oreo cupcake from Heavenly Created Desserts


If you’re in need of a celebratory dessert or simply want something sweet, place your order with Heavenly Created Desserts. There is no physical store but you can find them online or at on the local Maryland farmers market circuit.


Heavenly Created Desserts
(240) 751-5884

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