Charm Thai

Charm Thai

The first time I experienced Charm Thai was during a study day at my cohort bestie’s house in Silver Spring. After hours of working, we decided to order in. She suggested Charm Thai. Who am I to deny Thai food?

That was also the first time that I had the pleasure of Charm Thai’s curry puffs. Unlike other Thai restaurants that I’ve been to, Charm Thai’s curry puffs are vegetarian(!) and immensely delicious. The accompanying sauce, which I believe is nuoc cham, is similarly spectacular.

If it seems like I’m being over generous with my descriptions, I assure you that they are warranted. As I write this, I am craving Charm Thai (and if I didn’t live so far away, Charm Thai would surely be what I have for lunch). In fact, I’m a little sad that I won’t be able to have Charm Thai for lunch.

Located in a cute brick building on Georgia Ave, Charm Thai played host to a recent date night. That was the first time I had ever been inside the restaurant. There isn’t a lot of seating – so probably not the best idea for a large group – but it wasn’t difficult to grab a table either. It seems like it’s the resident Thai carryout as to go orders were flying out of the kitchen all night. And, who can blame them? If I lived close enough to Charm Thai, I would order from them, too.

Whether you stop by in-person or are lucky enough to be able to order delivery, you have to get the curry puffs. If you’re around for lunch, the lunch specials are a steal. For under $12 you can select a generous portion of some of the most favorite Thai entrées, including pad thai, curry, pad see ew, drunken noodle, and several others.


Kee Mao Fried Rice from Charm Thai in Silver Spring, MD


Charm Thai
8408 Georgia Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20910
(301) 495-6308