DiPasquales Italian Marketplace

DiPasquales Italian Marketplace

While watching some Food Network show, one with Guy Fieri, I think, I saw DiPasquales Italian Marketplace. I’m pretty sure it was Guy, and he made DiPasquales look like an Italian wonderland. An Italian grocery store, prepared foods for purchase, and a lunch counter, DiPasquales was a place that I knew I had to check out.

When a girl friend flew into the Baltimore-Washington International airport, I knew I had the perfect excuse to head farther into Baltimore and to DiPasquales. Wine, lots of wine, other beverages, snacks, and Italian staples lined the shelves of the marketplace, but the star of the show was the cases of prepared foods. On one side were Italian meats and cheeses, meats ready to slice to order, and then an array of beautiful, colorful salads (think pasta salads, calamari salad, other cold salads), peppers, and olives (!). I actually do not like olives *gasp* but DiPasquales had a variety, if you’re in to that. There are also sandwiches and mile-high slices of lasagnas ready to pop in the oven.

Beyond what is in the cases, there is also a hot food menu with fish, pastas, salads, soups, hot sandwiches, pizzas, and desserts, of course. Since there were three of us on this food trek and because everything looked and sounded so enticing we decided to order many things: arancini balls, calamari salad, shrimp salad, vegetable lasagna, seafood pizza (special that day), and fried dough with nutella. Everything was delicious but my favorites were the arancini balls and the seafood pizza. Both are worth making the trip for.

Fried dough with nutella from DiPasquales in Baltimore

If you’re in Baltimore or need an excuse to head there, look no further than DiPasquales. Order something to eat in the marketplace and grab a few things to go.


Two locations but the one I visited is:
DiPasquales Italian Marketplace
3700 Gough Street
Baltimore, MD 21224
(410) 276-6787