Global Cafe

Global Cafe

As is often the case, it was a friend’s Instagram post that put Global Cafe on my radar.  After Googling for more info about this new addition to Crosstown Concourse, I knew I had to check it out. Global Cafe’s mission is to unite Memphians from all walks of life through culture and delicious food. Its chefs are three immigrant/refugee women from Syria, Sudan, and Nepal, the general manager from Mexico, and the owner from Switzerland.

A month-long in the making meet up with fellow Korean adoptee women provided the perfect opportunity to enjoy Global Cafe. Global Cafe is located near the main atrium entrance of Crosstown Concourse (access Global Cafe from the exterior doors). The inside space has a food hall feel. Three food stalls comprise Global Cafe each representing food from the heritage culture of the three chefs – Syrian, Sudanese, and Nepalese.

Food stalls at Global Cafe in Memphis, TN

Inside Global Cafe in Memphis, TN

Inside Global Cafe in Memphis, TN

I wanted to try something from every stall. I got a Turkish coffee from the Syrian station, the soup of the day – a spicy peanut vegetable – with stuffed cheese potato bread from the Sudanese station, and I wanted the rice and daal from the Nepalese station but they no longer serve it so I was going to get some samosa or dumplings but they weren’t ready yet. Chef Ibti, the Sudanese chef, was so convincing in describing the soup of the day that all three of us got the soup.

Cheese stuffed potato bread from Global Cafe in Memphis, TN

Soup of the day from Global Cafe in Memphis, TN

On this day it was unseasonably warm (or was it just that Memphis weather is so fickle) that we enjoyed the sunshine and warmth, sitting on the patio. It was the perfect day complemented by good company of Korean adoptee women and delicious food. The soup was so flavorful, smooth, and rich that I knew I would be back later that week. Plus, I still wanted to try the dumplings.

Three beautiful Korean adoptee women
It took us over a month to coordinate our meet up but it finally happened! An unofficial meet up of Tennessee Korean Adoptees.

When it was time to meet up with another friend, I immediately suggested Global Cafe. This time I indeed had the vegetarian dumplings – omg so good!!! – and the vegetarian chow mein noodles, both from the Nepalese stall. The leftover dipping sauce from my dumplings added a nice kick to my noodles (I would definitely order a side of the sauce in the future to go with the chow mein). Since by this time, fall had arrived in Memphis (yes just days apart from the weekend’s warmth), we were relegated to the inside dining area, which only made it easier to order more yummy things like the spicy hot Sudanese tea and sambusa from the Sundanese stall – similar to a samosa, deep fried, flaky dough, but with lentils and beef (or you can order it vegetarian).

Veggie dumplings from Global Cafe in Memphis, TN

Veggie chow mein from Global Cafe in Memphis,TN

By the time our meet up ended, I was again thinking of how soon I could make my way back to Global Cafe. I still have more menu items to try plus their daily specials. The next time you’re wondering what’s for lunch (or dinner!) grab some friends and go to Global Cafe.


Global Cafe
1350 Concourse Avenue #157
Memphis, TN 38104
(901) 512-6890