The Crazy Noodle

The Crazy Noodle

About a million years ago as an undergraduate at the University of Memphis, I studied abroad for a semester at Ajou University in Korea. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they sold ramen in the university’s cafeteria. But, not any kind of ramen. Ramen with egg and a slice of cheese. My world was revolutionized not once, not twice, but thrice! Ramen as a school cafeteria staple! Ramen with egg! Ramen with a slice of cheese!

Lest you think I mean fancy Japanese ramen with shoyu flavorings or tonkotsu broth let me quickly relieve you of that misconception. I mean the out-of-the-cellophane-wrapper ramen. The square-block-of-noodles ramen. The spicy or spicier ramen.

Luckily, there is a restaurant in Memphis that sells this Korean school delicacy. Enter The Crazy Noodle. A casual Korean-ish restaurant on Madison Avenue, The Crazy Noodle serves many of your Korean favorites and staples but with noodles. If you’re looking for more traditional Korean preparations or flavors, this is not the place for you. BUT if you are looking for Korean with a flair, then The Crazy Noodle is where it’s at.

You can find all of your favorite Korean chigaes (soups) like soodubu or spicy tofu soup (one of my absolute favorites), kimchi chigae (another favorite), mandu soup (soup with dumplings), and yukgaejang (beef soup). All of which have noodles as an added ingredient. There’s also bibimbap but without the bap (rice) and with noodles instead, japchae (beef and vegetables stir fried with sweet potato noodles), and kimchi noodles (which sounds delicious).

Soondubu with noodles from The Crazy Noodle in Memphis
Soondubu with noodles!

Now I wouldn’t tempt you with tales of Korean ramen without mentioning The Crazy Noodle’s ramen menu. There are almost a dozen different ramens to choose from, ranging from beef, chicken, seafood, miso, curry, mandu (which I think I’ll have to try next), and of course spicy Korean ramen with egg and Cheese Ramen. Personally I suggest the spicy Korean ramen and add cheese. Then you’ll get both the egg and the cheese (disclaimer: it’s shredded cheese and not a slice of cheese, but it’s still immensely delicious).

Ramen with egg and cheese from The Crazy Noodle in Memphis
Still steaming! Spicy Korean ramen with egg and cheese.

Their kimbap is pretty good, and I’m tempted by their kimchijeon (kimchi “pancake”). An added bonus of stopping by The Crazy Noodle is that they’re right next to Kwik Chek, where, in true Korean fashion, you can have your second meal. Try their bibimbap (with the bap), kimchi burrito, or kimchi fried rice (okay, clearly I love kimchi).

Kimbap from The Crazy Noodle in Memphis
Kimbap from The Crazy Noodle. The sauce is amazing!

The Crazy Noodle
2015 Madison Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104
(901) 272-0928