Top 5 Must Reads – Fall 2018

Top 5 Must Reads – Fall 2018

Recently I was a guest on Ena Esco’s “Verbally Effective” podcast, where we talked about Korean adoption, adoptee citizenship, my career trajectory, and of course, this blog. Many of you may remember me from my WendyEats days. Back then I exclusively blogged about locally owned restaurants. Now that I’ve expanded to include book reviews, it should have been no surprise that Ena asked me for some book recommendations.

But, y’all.

It was so hard for me to narrow it down to my top recommendations. Titles of books and storylines were running through my head but I could not, for the life of me, come up with my “must reads.”

Now that I’ve had some time to think about it, I wanted to share with you all my Top 5 Must Reads. My favorite books are ones that make me think about the world differently – maybe they transport me to a different time and place, or different world altogether with different rules and ways of being, or maybe they put me in someone else’s shoes, to see life for what could have been, whether for good or bad, or what could be.

I hope you enjoy these Top 5 Must Reads for fall 2018! I’m always looking for book recommendations, so if you have some faves, please share!