The Pancake House

The Pancake House

Recently, our neighborhood cleaners closed, or rather, relocated to a strip mall across town. Since they do good work at a low price and since there are no other cleaners we like nearby, we’ve been driving to Flair Cleaners in Hyattsville. This is probably not going to be a sustainable dry cleaning solution but with my discovery of The Pancake House, it might be.

First of all, who doesn’t like pancakes?

Secondly, with IHOP/IHOB’s name change it seems like there’s an opening for a new pancake place. Enter: The Pancake House.

The Pancake House is a neighborhood diner that serves all your neighborhood diner staples: pancakes, omelets, hashbrowns, hamburgers, pork chops, corned beef hash, and since we’re in Maryland, crabcakes. Sadly, they do not serve steak. So, no steak and eggs. They do, however, have excellent diner coffee.

On our inaugural visit to The Pancake House, I had two pancakes, two scrambled eggs with cheese (all real cracked eggs here, no powders, mixes, or liquid eggs), sausage links, and a side of hashbrowns. I’m a sometiming vegetarian who loves sausage, and I figured that a diner would have good sausage. And, I was right. It was some of the best sausage I’ve had. Of course, the pancakes were the star of the meal – light, fluffy, golden brown.

Even though we were there on a Saturday afternoon we were able to walk right in and grab a booth. After placing our order and enjoying a cup of coffee our orders arrived. In the future, I will probably order less food because I was too stuffed (and didn’t eat much of anything for the rest of the day).

I highly recommend The Pancake House for all of your morning and afternoon diner cravings. The Pancake House is only open until 4pm, so no late night dining here. And, with the addition of The Pancake House into our dining repertoire I guess we won’t have to find a new dry cleaners after all.


The Pancake House
7701 Annapolis Road
New Carrollton, MD 20784
(301) 459-1200