One of the first restaurants in Baltimore that I had the pleasure of visiting is (sushi) XS, which I found out is actually just called XS. Makes it awkward when you’re trying to explain to folks where to meet up for brunch and then you realize that Sushi XS isn’t actually a place. But, we all ended up at the right spot. And – spoiler alert – everyone loved it.

Of course, how could you not love a place where you can get waffles AND sushi? Exactly.

On this day, a few fabulous sociologists met up at XS to grab some bites and relax from a weekend full of sociologizing (not the same as socializing) before bidding farewell.

When you enter into the ground level of XS it appears as though it’s your everyday cafe – a glass counter showcases desserts and pastries and you may be tempted to order a coffee and a mile high slice of cake. That would be fine, and delicious, but then you’d miss the full bar and vibes a few short staircases above you. In fact, there are four floors of food and entertainment.

We quickly ordered a round or two or three of mimosas and perused the varied menu as hip hop tracks set the background. Chicken and waffles was a favorite, the seafood omelet cannot be missed, and, yes, sushi was ordered. One of the specials was a carrot cake french toast (pictured below) which sounds both amazing and ridiculous (I mean, look at that scoop of cream cheese).

It should be fairly apparent from our eclectic orders that XS has it all. Not only is it a mash up of a cafe-bar-restaurant but the menu itself boasts sushi, Thai favorites like drunken noodles and pad thai, breakfast all day, and soups, salads, and grilled cheese.  In other words, it’s the perfect place when A. you have no idea what you want to eat, or B. when you need something to satisfy everyone’s tastes.

Be sure to check out the original artwork while you’re there.

Scrambled eggs in the foreground while two slices of fluffy french toast dominate the background

1307 North Charles Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201