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Birthday Book Wish List

Birthday Book Wish List

On more than one occasion I’ve been told that I am a terrible gift receiver. Don’t get me wrong, I love gifts. I love to give them, and I love to receive them… generally. But, apparently, if I receive a gift that I, in actuality, don’t love, then my face does this thing. My words say “Thank you so much!” or even “This is great!” but my face. It just does not agree. Then, the gift giver has to pretend like they didn’t see the look of disappointment, disdain, and maybe even disgust, and I feel terrible for turning something thoughtful into something sad.

Since my birthday is days away, I figured why not solve this gift giving dilemma by cultivating a birthday book wish list. A never-ending goodreads list made narrowing the choices quite the feat. What was originally a list of 10 books quickly doubled, and I managed to reign it in, editing it down to a manageable 18. Here I present my 2018 Birthday Book Wish List.



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