Valentine’s Day Book Gifting Guide

Valentine’s Day Book Gifting Guide

Is it just me or wouldn’t you rather have a thoughtful, personalized Valentine’s Day gift? Who needs flowers, candy, or diamonds when you can have a good book? Who am I kidding – I want all of those things. But, I do think a hand-selected book would make a fabulous gift.

Having trouble picking out a title? Need some inspiration? Here’s your Valentine’s Day Book Gifting Guide with a few recommendations for however you are celebrating – or not – this February 14th.


Newly Dating

Ahhhh to be filled with hope and romance in the early days of a budding relationship! Then to be filled with anxiety and panic at the thought of acknowledging Valentine’s Day enough to show you’re interested but not too much as to look desperate or over-confident. Such a delicate balance. These four titles are sure to spark conversation, entertain, and at the very least give the gift-receiver something positive to remember you by if your dating days turn into a dud.


Long Term Relationship

By now you’ve been together for a while, whatever that means to you, and although a racy romance novel may seem like an easy choice, here I lean towards a few books that will make you think about the other relationships in your lives – the meanings of your home and possessions, the creation of gender in society and social interaction, the barriers between living the life we imagine and our own suffering and fear, and the connections and disconnections between who we are and who society tells us we should be.



Newly Single

So you or someone you know is newly single. Not a big deal – or maybe it is, I don’t know your life – but then February 14th rolls around and all of a sudden everyone is up in your business asking about plans and dates and gifts and what happened to that person you were dating. Ugh. Now is the time to do something just for you (or your newly single friend). Grab one of these titles and begin cultivating the life YOU deserve.

Galentine’s Day

Everyday is the perfect day to celebrate the rockstar women in your life, but since we have February 13th otherwise known as Galentine’s Day, why not commemorate the occasion by gifting a good read to your best galfriends. These picks celebrate women and friendship. We all need more of that!

Have a favorite book you’ve given or received for Valentine’s Day? A title you’d love to receive? Or maybe one you’ll buy for yourself? Tell me in the comments.