One of my absolute favorite restaurants in the DMV is Ghar-E-Kabab. Definitely top 5. It may sound like a bold statement given the countless restaurants in the area, but if you’ve been to Ghar-E-Kabab then you know it’s simply delicious.

Located in the heart of Downtown Silver Spring, Ghar-E-Kabab offers authentic Nepali dishes. Now you should already know that House of India has my favorite lunch buffet, but Ghar-E-Kabab is one of my favorite dinner choices. Overall, the food is fragrant and full of flavor, and their naan is soft and slightly chewy(Actually their naan is some of the best, period.) What I love most though is their thalis – basically a sampling of 6-7 dishes – cause yall know I love food and this gives multiple options.

There is a vegetarian and non-vegetarian thali option. They both start with papadum (kinda like a savory, crispy thin cracker) and a trio of chutneys.

Papadum from GharEKebab in Silver Spring, MD Chutneys from GharEKabab in Silver Spring, MD

Included in the thalis area samosa, naan, and sevai kheer (a sweet Indian dessert made with milk, cardamon, almonds, raisins, and vermicelli). If you get the dinner for two, which is two thalis, then a beverage is also included. The other selections for the thalis typically include daal, chana masala, and, if you ordered the vegetarian thali, 3 other vegetable dishes, or, if you ordered the non-vegetarian thali, another vegetarian dish and two meats, usually a goat curry and a fish tikka masala. Whatever the specific assortment, everything is delicious.

Vegetarian thali from GharEKabab in Silver Spring, MD

Because thalis offer a variety of selections, it is the perfect option if you love food or want to try a few different dishes or simply want a leisurely and delicious meal. Did I mention the price? Either thali is less than $25. Maybe I should have started there, because all of this yummy food for under $25 is truly a DMV steal.

In addition to the food, which is insanely good and is obviously the most important element, the location and atmosphere are also key here. The Downtown Silver Spring location is prime, and since it’s right by the Wayne Avenue garage, it makes it super easy to find parking (and then go to a movie). The restaurant itself is bright, airy, and well decorated with painted Nepali scenes. Get a seat close to the window and you can soak in the sun as well as people watch.

Ghar-E-Kabab is also a great place for large groups. So if you’re looking for a place to gather with friends and family, look no further.


944 Wayne Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910
(301) 587-4427