Chip NYC at Gansevoort Market

Chip NYC at Gansevoort Market

My sweet of choice as of late is donuts, but I think I’ve found the cookie that will change that. As I type, I am trying to convince a friend to bring some Chip NYC cookies the next time she’s in town. Here’s why…

On Monday before I hopped on the train back to DC, I met up with a friend at Gansevoort Market. Airy, bright, and much more manageable than Chelsea Market across the street, Gansevoort Market is host to a couple dozen local food vendors. Choices range from Mediterranean fare to burgers and steaks, ice cream, cookies, and other confections, garlic knot sammies, sushi, and Instagrammable Thai noodles that change colors.

I was able to sample a few places. To start, I had Thai coconut soup from Thaimee Magic (the place with the color-changing noodles). The soup was light but with a depth of flavor that thoroughly satisfied my coconut soup craving (unlike the Thai soup I had the night before). For my main, I had a vegan bowl from Baba Wholesome Mediterranean. Though the falafel was not my favorite-falafel-of-all-time, the salads and spreads were delectable. For the future, I would create my own bowl. If you go this route be sure to get all of the spreads – hummus, tzatziki, beet, and especially the spicy walnut pepper. After Baba Wholesome it was time for dessert.

Enter Chip NYC.

Here’s the thing: I like cookies. I wouldn’t say I love cookies, but they’re pretty tasty and I likely wouldn’t pass up a chance to have a sweet treat. But, oftentimes, cookies are too sweet. They just taste saccharine, and I end up with a stomachache, like for real.

Chip NYC cookies follow in the trend of the mile-high cookies. Yet, they are not overly sugary or sweet. I had the blueberry cheesecake cookie and the chocolate chip. The blueberry cheesecake cookie was absolutely amazing. Slightly crunchy on the outside, chewy and moist on the inside, with creamy cheesecake and overflowing with blueberries. The chocolate chip cookie was brimming with immediately melting chocolate chips. Obviously sweeter than the blueberry cheesecake. And while it was good, a touch of sea salt would have taken this cookie to the next level.

Let Chip NYC lure you to Gansevoort Market so you can sample many delicious fares. Or, if you just need a cookie fix and are in NYC, Chip delivers! If all else fails, you can try to coax a New York-based friend to bring you some.


Multiple locations, but the one I savored was at:

Gansevoort Market
353 W 14th Street
New York, NY 10014