Mona’s Gourmet Carryout

Mona’s Gourmet Carryout

On a day like today, I crave Mona’s Gourmet Carryout.

Who am I kidding? Everyday is a Mona’s Gourmet Carryout kinda day.

An easy-to-miss eatery on Annapolis Road in Odenton, Maryland, Mona’s is the type of place that, once it draws you in, you’re hooked. It has all my favorite eats: American breakfast food and everyday Korean food plus some Korean American fusion. For example, the bulgogi sub, which is exactly what it sounds like: beef bulgogi, peppers & onions, cheese, on a sub roll. Amazing.

Whenever I come to Mona’s I absolutely have to have an order of mandu. I’m not 100% sure what special magic Mona sprinkles on these mandu, but they are irresistibly delicious. I don’t know if it’s the dumpling dough, or the oil it’s fried in, or the temperature of the oil, or if there is, in fact, a touch of sweetness to these mandu that is missing in other mandu. But, there is something scrumptious going on. One time I picked up a to go order for me and my boyfriend, and I ate the mandu on the drive home, and then may have forgotten to mention that I had even ordered any mandu. It is THAT good!

I typically order the bibimbap, but I have also had the kimchi chigae. AND, I just realized that Mona’s also serves soondubu chigae, which as you may or may not know is one of my absolute favorite Korean soups. You gotta have the right (re: silkiest) tofu but in general I love all soondubu. The next time I’m at Mona’s I will have to try the soondubu.

You can call in an order (it seems like most folks get their food to go) or eat in. Be advised that Mona’s is cash only. There is an ATM inside in case you forget.


Mona’s Gourmet Carryout
1652 Annapolis Road
Odenton, MD 21113
**cash only**